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Choosing a destination for travel is part of the adventure! Check out our top tips on how to choose the best travel destination for you.

Direct download: How_to_choose_your_travel_destination_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:32pm EST

Talk to locals or other travellers, find information online or off, or just head out to explore. Here's how to find lesser-known attractions in your travel destination.

Direct download: How_to_find_lesser-known_attractions_when_travelling.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 4:46am EST

One of the best things about travelling is trying new things — like different beer! Check out our top places to drink beer around the world.

Direct download: Best_places_to_drink_beer_around_the_world.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:11am EST

Travelling with kids requires a different approach than travelling alone or with other adults. It can be awesome for all involved, as long as you are well prepared! Listen to our podcast about how to travel with children.

Direct download: How_to_travel_with_kids.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 1:57am EST

Festivals are a great reason to travel, and summer is a particularly good time to head to an event. Check out our podcast about the best summer festivals around the world.

Direct download: Best_summer_festivals_around_the_world_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:07am EST

Milwaukee is a quirky city with a unique vibe. Check out our podcast on the top things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_Milwaukee_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:52am EST

Ten cheap things to do in Auckland, from visiting a beachside café to island adventures or wine tasting. Listen to our Auckland podcast for advice about cheap things to do in Auckland, New Zealand.

Direct download: Top_10_cheap_things_to_do_in_Auckland_New_Zealand.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 1:15am EST

Packing for travel isn’t just about what clothes to take! It’s also important to think about what to pack in the carry-on bag that you put under the seat in front of you, for a comfortable short- or long-haul flight.

Direct download: What_to_pack_in_your_under-seat_carry-on_bag.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:21am EST

The Cotswold Way is a multi-day walk through some of England's most picturesque landscape. Listen to our Cotswold Way resources podcast to learn how to walk the Cotswold Way.

Direct download: Cotswold_Way_resources_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:21am EST

Delve into history, see a show, enjoy the parks -- if you find yourself wondering what to do in London, England, these five things to do are a great place to start.

Direct download: Top_5_things_to_do_in_London.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:44am EST

Packing for travel can be a challenge. Listen to our travel packing podcast for our top tips on what clothes to pack for short and long trips.

Direct download: What_clothes_to_pack_for_short_and_long_trips_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:05am EST

Travel insurance is an important part of any trip. But how do you know which policy is right for you? We talk with travel safety expert Phil Sylvester about all things travel insurance.

Direct download: Travel_Insurance_with_Phil_Sylvester_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:02pm EST

Road trips are a great way to explore. You’ll get the most out of your journey with a little planning, so check out our top tips for road trips podcast.

Direct download: Top_tips_for_road_trips_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:22am EST

Drink wine, eat pies, visit the Bay of Islands -- there's plenty to do and see in New Zealand. Check out our top ten things to do in New Zealand.

Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_New_Zealand.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:26am EST

Transit days can be a challenge, but with a bit of preparation and a deep breath or two, you’ll get there. Check out our top tips for travel days.

Direct download: Top_tips_for_transit_days.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:12pm EST

Trying local food is an important part of travel — not only do you get to try some brand-new flavours, food can also give an insight into the culture of your destination. Listen to our food and travel podcast with Tommo and Megsy.

Direct download: Food_and_travel_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:10am EST

Renting a car while travelling can be daunting, but these top ten tips for travel car hire will help you save time and money. Listen to our car hire podcast!

Direct download: Top_10_tips_for_car_hire_while_travelling_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:11pm EST

If you're considering a trip to Prague, Czech Republic, you might need to know the answers to some of these questions. Listen to our Prague podcast!

Direct download: Things_you_wanted_to_know_about_Prague_and_the_Czech_Republic_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:46am EST

Europe is full of imagery and experience, but planning can be a bit overwhelming -- there are so many options. Listen to our Europe planning podcast for advice!

Direct download: How_to_plan_your_Europe_trip_podcast_1.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:39pm EST

Spain is a large country, and there's a lot to see in the different regions that form the country. There are plenty of ways to get around in Spain, including land, air and sea -- check out the options in our Spain transport podcast.

Direct download: How_to_get_around_in_Spain_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:12pm EST

Listen to our travel gift podcast for tips about what presents to buy for travellers. We've received some awesome travel gifts over the years!

Direct download: Gifts_for_travellers_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 7:42pm EST

You need money to travel — but maybe not as much as you think! In our travel money podcast, we talk about saving for travel, making and managing money while travelling, spending less, and what to do about money and your travel companions.

Direct download: Money_for_travel_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:06am EST

Whisky, haggis, bagpipes, the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow — there are so many good things to do in Scotland! Listen to our Scotland podcast for our tips.

Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_Scotland_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:25am EST

Get on the water, on the road, to local events! Want to truly experience the Kiwi summer? Check out our top five things to do in the NZ summer.

Direct download: Top_five_things_to_do_in_the_NZ_summer_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:57pm EST

If you’re a wine drinker, a trip to the Champagne region of France is a must! Check out our top things to do in Champagne podcast.

Direct download: Top_5_things_to_do_in_Champagne_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 4:18am EST

Why travel by public transport while travelling? Find out in our public transport podcast.

Direct download: Why_use_public_transport_while_travelling_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:48am EST

It's easy to spend a week or more in the Spanish seaside city of La Coruña, but one day is okay too! Check out our guide to how to spend one day in A Coruña, Spain.

Direct download: How_to_spend_one_day_in_La_Coruna_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:03am EST

Australia is a land of huge distances, so choosing the right transport is a big deal! Find out how to get around Australia in our Australia transport podcast.

Direct download: How_to_get_around_Australia_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:43am EST

Portugal is an amazing place, full of delicious food and drink! Listen to our top ten things to do in Portugal in this Portugal travel podcast.


Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_Portugal.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:02am EST

The Milford Track is the most famous of New Zealand’s Great Walks — and for good reason. An easy track, wonderful scenery and birdsong, and good infrastructure make the Milford one awesome track. Learn how to prepare for the walk in our Milford Track podcast.

Direct download: How_to_walk_the_Milford_Track_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 2:51am EST

Heading to Jerusalem? Listen to our Jerusalem podcast for tips on what to do with 24 hours in Israel's capital.

Direct download: 24_hours_in_Jerusalem_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:44am EST

It's always possible to keep the travel mentality alive, by being a tourist in your own backyard. Listen to our local tourist podcast for some ideas!

Direct download: How_to_be_a_tourist_in_your_own_backyard_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:20am EST

Want to know how to get around New Zealand? Check out our New Zealand transport tips in this NZ travel podcast. 


Direct download: How_to_get_around_New_Zealand_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:07am EST

Australia is a fantastic place, with great cities and amazing wildlife. Check out our top ten things to do in Australia in our Australia podcast.

Direct download: Top_ten_things_to_do_in_Australia_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 2:04pm EST

Travelling can be stressful. But don't let travel stress ruin your journey -- use our seven tips for de-stressing on the road!

Direct download: How_to_deal_with_travel_stress.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:41pm EST

There's plenty to do in Croatia, from adventure sports, to wine and food experiences, to city breaks. We speak with Maja Gudelj about her home country.

Direct download: What_to_do_in_Croatia_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:24pm EST

Long-distance bus is one of the most common forms of transport out there. As an independent traveller, you’re sure to find yourself on one or more long bus trips. Find out how to travel by long-distance bus in this episode of the Indie Travel Podcast

Direct download: How_to_travel_by_long-distance_bus_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:48pm EST

Choosing just ten things to do in England was a challenge — there’s so many options! In this podcast, we talk about our favourite things to do in England.

Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_England_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 7:43pm EST

Washing your clothes is an unavoidable part of long-term travel, but it doesn’t have to be a chore! Learn how to do it well in our laundry podcast.

Direct download: How_to_wash_your_clothes_while_travelling_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:06pm EST

Getting to and around Panama is easy but information is scarce! We share what we’ve learned over four months here in our Panama transport podcast.

Direct download: How_to_get_to_and_around_Panama_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:11pm EST

Austria is one of our favourite European countries -- we've spent a lot of time there! Find out our top ten things to do in Austria in this Austria podcast.



Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_Austria_podcast_1.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 7:58pm EST

It's possible to feel lonely while traveling -- even if you're travelling with a partner, friend or family member! That's why making friends while travelling is so important.


Direct download: 10_ways_to_make_friends_while_travelling_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

Booking accommodation online is easy, but you’ll get the best results if you take a bit of time and consider your needs before you enter your credit card details!

Direct download: Ten_things_to_look_for_when_booking_accommodation_online_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:30pm EST

Spain is an amazing country, with its regional variation of culture and gastronomy. We kept being drawn back and we’re sure you will too — but these top ten things to do in Spain are a good place to start.

Direct download: Top_ten_things_to_do_in_Spain_podcast_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:02pm EST

Eating healthily on the road can be a challenge, but it’s possible! In this healthy eating podcast, we share tips and stories about eating well while travelling.

Direct download: How_to_eat_healthily_on_the_road_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:01pm EST

Colombia is an amazing place, full of flavour, colour, and music. Listen to our Colombia travel podcast for tips and stories about travel in Colombia.

Direct download: Colombia_travel_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:53pm EST

Getting robbed is never fun — avoid it by following some basic security practices. Listen to our security podcast for travel security tips.

Direct download: How_to_keep_your_stuff_safe__the_security_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:13pm EST

Getting sick on the road isn't fun for either of you when you're travelling as a couple or with a friend, but it doesn't have to ruin your trip. Listen to this episode of the Indie Travel Podcast to find out what to do when your travel partner is sick.

Direct download: Travel_sickness_podcast__What_to_do_when_your_travel_partner_is_sick.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:56pm EST

Italy is an enchanting place, full of hidden corners and delicious flavours. Listen to our top ten things to do in Italy podcast for our picks for what to do in this awesome country.

Direct download: Top_10_things_to_do_in_Italy_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:09pm EST

Cartagena, Colombia, is a charming city, with its walled old town and colonial history. But there's more to it than that -- visit the poorer neighbourhoods and make a difference to kids growing up in a rough environment.

Direct download: Deep_Travel_Cartagena_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:04am EST

After ten years of full-time travel, we've finally created a pre-trip checklist to make sure everything gets done the day before a travel day. Now we just have to remember to use it.

Direct download: The_day-before-you-travel_checklist_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:30pm EST

Travellers in the United Kingdom will almost always find multiple alternatives for getting from A to B. In our UK transport podcast, we give you some tips for getting around this island nation and share some of our UK transport stories.

Direct download: How_to_get_around_the_United_Kingdom__the_UK_transport_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

If you’re looking for a holiday in the sun, Quintana Roo in eastern Mexico is the place to go. What else is there to do? Listen to the Quintana Roo podcast.

Direct download: Mexico_take_two__the_Quintana_Roo_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:22pm EST

Listen to our Mexico road trip podcast to hear about travel in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Chiapas and Campeche.

Direct download: Mexico_road_trip_podcast__Yucatan_Campeche_and_Chiapas.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

The end of the year is a great time to travel, but it can be hard to be away from family and friends. Listen to the Christmas podcast for our tips on how to celebrate the holidays away from home.

Direct download: Christmas_podcast__How_to_celebrate_the_holidays_away_from_home.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:24pm EST

Cuba is unlike any other place in the world, and travelling there requires a different travel strategy. Find out how to travel in Cuba with this Cuba travel podcast.

Direct download: Rum_cigars_and_classic_cars__the_Cuba_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:38am EST

Housesitting is a great way to immerse yourself in a destination and live like a local. In this housesitting podcast, we talk about how we started housesitting and how you can try this alternative (and cheap) form of accommodation.

Direct download: Home_on_the_road__the_housesitting_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 11:12am EST

Ukraine hasn’t had good press recently, but we found it to be a friendly country with delicious food and amazing architecture. Listen to our Ukraine podcast!

Direct download: Odessa_and_Kiev__Our_Ukraine_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:30pm EST

Moldova is an eastern European country that's worth a visit -- especially if you like wine! Listen to this Moldova podcast for advice about travel in Moldova.

Direct download: Wine_country__Moldova_travel_guide_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:11pm EST

Japan is a country of contrasts, which has a lot more to offer the independent traveller than just geishas and sushi. In this episode of the Indie Travel Podcast, we talk to Andre Zuleta about what to do in the land of the rising sun.


Direct download: Bullet_trains_and_cherry_blossoms__the_Japan_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:14pm EST

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in ten years of travel is to pack light. Learn how to travel with carry-on size luggage.

Direct download: The_pack_light_podcast__how_to_travel_carry-on_size.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 2:49pm EST

In this Prague travel guide podcast, we talk about our experience of Prague, Czech Republic and how you can enjoy it too. 

Direct download: Prague_travel_guide_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:42am EST

Alcalá de Henares is a charming city that is definitely worth a visit while you're in Spain -- just be prepared for Cervantes to be ever-present!


Direct download: Alcala_de_Henares.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:18am EST

Berlin is a fantastic city that warrants more than just a flying visit, but if you want to see Berlin in a day this podcast will help.

Direct download: Berlin_in_a_day.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 7:42am EST


Riga's the biggest city in the Baltics, the most-vibrant city, and the place with the best nightlife. In English-speaking Europe, the capital of Latvia is also known as the stag- and hen-party capital of the region.

Direct download: Riga_and_Rundale_the_Latvia_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:41pm EST

The Camino Primitivo is our favourite Way of Saint James so far. If you’re planning to do a Camino de Santiago, we recommend this one — but do a bit of preparation before you go! 

Direct download: 302_Camino_Primitivo.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:08am EST


In this Lithuania podcast, we talk about a country that is like no other, full of quirks and surprises, with a fantastic, independent spirit.

Direct download: The_Lithuania_podcast.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:25am EST


For our 300th episode of Indie Travel Podcast, we revisit our roots and discuss what indie travel means to us: flexibility, immersion, and experience among other things.

Direct download: What_is_indie_travel_.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 9:34am EST


In this Estonia Podcast, we explore Tallinn, the national parks, and Parnu. From the capital to the beach resorts, we loved it!

Direct download: 299_Estonia.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 7:46am EST

Celebrate Semana Santa in Spain - episode 298


Semana Santa is a great time to be in Spain -- experience the processions, eat delicious food and generally soak up the atmosphere of Holy Week (or Easter, if you prefer).

Direct download: 298_-_Celebrate_Semana_Santa_in_Spain.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:22am EST

Working on the Road with Nora Dunn - episode 297

We talk with Nora Dunn, author of Working on the Road, about life, travel, and her new book. Discover how you can work and travel. 

Direct download: 297_-_Working_on_the_road_with_Nora_Dunn.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:18pm EST

Where have we been for the last year? We discuss why we took a year off the Indie Travel Podcast and our plans for 2015.

Direct download: 296_-_Happy_new_year_the_hiatus_is_over.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 2:15pm EST

Just a quick note to say thanks for 2013 -- and we're looking forward to a great 2014 with you all.

Direct download: 295_-_Happy_New_Year.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:08am EST

Travel photography in Vietnam

We talk travel photography in Vietnam, and all kind of goodness with Joseph Linaschke who shares his thoughts on ultra-light cameras and why he uses an iPad.

Direct download: Travel_photography_in_Vietnam.mp3
Category:Photography -- posted at: 7:58pm EST

How do you choose a hike in New Zealand? There are a number of factors to consider, which will be more or less important depending on you and your group.

Direct download: How_to_choose_a_NZ_hike.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:32am EST

What must you pack on a round-the-world trip? Opinions change, and we're revisiting our "essential items" four and a half years after posting a podcast on this same topic.

Direct download: Essential_items_for_world_travel.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:20am EST

Busking to finance travel isn't for everyone, but if you're interested in this option there are a few things you can do to help your chances. We talk to professional busker Annie Chambers and her partner Colin Callanan about their experiences busking to finance their travels. They're also super-generous and play for us!

Direct download: 291_-_How_to_finance_your_travels_by_busking.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:27am EST

Croatia is a fascinating country that has now been well and truly incorporated into the backpackers' trail, so infrastructure is good while prices are still pretty cheap.

Direct download: 290_-_Top_things_to_do_in_Croatia.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:15am EST

If you are heading off on your first trip, use these <a href="">tips for new travellers</a> to make sure you have the best experience possible. 

Direct download: 289_-_5_tips_for_new_travelers.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:00am EST

From books to beer, Ireland's capital is full of things to experience.

Direct download: Top_things_to_do_in_Dublin.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:31pm EST

Europe's rail network is immense, and navigating it can sometimes be a bit of a mission. But with forward planning and perseverance, you can get some very good deals. 

Direct download: 287_-_Getting_cheap_train_tickets_in_Europe.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:01pm EST

Jamie Isaac tells how his surfing holiday turned into a sustainable business that’s changing people’s lives in Fuerteventura, while we're in Ireland and Croatia. Features Irish music from the streets of Dublin.

Direct download: 286_-_Surfing_and_sustainable_living_in_Fuerteventura.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:46pm EST

Bye bye, Berlin! Dreaming And Reminiscing

This week we take a look at the months ahead (since we haven't really yet!) and also reminisce and grieve over the end of our time in Berlin. 

Direct download: 285_-_Dreaming_and_reminiscing.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:39pm EST

284 - How to learn a language… Part two

It can be hard to learn a language, especially after you've picked up the basics and you're ready to take it to the next level. Learn how (with our mistakes).

Direct download: 284_-_Learn_a_language.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EST

In this podcast we apologise profusely for not recording an episode for a few weeks and talk about what we’ve been up to during that time, as well as discussing recent reviews.

Direct download: 283_-_A_bit_of_everything.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:10pm EST

282 - Travel to Rostock, Leipzig And The End Of IndieGermany

This podcast starts in Hamburg, passes through Rostock down to Berlin, then takes a day trip to Leipzig... Just like us!

Check out photos from Rostock and Leipzig in this travel podcast. 

Direct download: 282_-_Rostock_Leipzig_and_the_end_of_IndieGermany.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:30pm EST

Hamburg... Surprisingly wet and wonderful

Hamburg - one of Europe's biggest cities - is fun to visit too: lots of interesting restaurant quarters, water to play on, and lovely buildings to see. 

Direct download: 281_-_Hamburg..._Surprisingly_wet_and_wonderful.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:21pm EST

Dresden is delightfully schizophrenic: on one side it's a series of baroque portraits, and on the other an alternative zone filled with bars and boutiques. Read more about travel in Dresden

Direct download: 290_-_Dresden_baroque_and_indie_republic.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:26pm EST

Travel to Bonn and Cologne

What are some of the best things to do in Cologne and Bonn? We find out as we travel in Cologne and Bonn as part of a four-month trip through Germany.

Direct download: 279_-_Travel_to_Bonn_and_Cologne.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:35pm EST

Nuremberg. It’s quite lovely.

It’s true! Nuremberg has a beauty and loveliness all of its own, and it’s jumped up our internal ranking to become our second-favourite city in Germany.

Direct download: 278_-_Nuremberg_is_quite_lovely.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:35pm EST

277 - Munich, it's more than just beer gardens

Munich: the home of Oktoberfest! We found beer gardens and beer halls, but we also found a whole lot more: a city with an outdoor vibe; with museums, palaces and galleries; and great people too.

Direct download: 277_-_Munich_Its_more_than_beergardens.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:25pm EST

276 - Train travel in Germany and more #IndieGermany

What is #IndieGermany, what are we doing, and why are we doing it? Find out, as well as catching up with our travels through the Czech Republic and Italy. 

Direct download: 276_-_Germany_by_train_and_other_travels.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 2:00am EST

After our recent time in Salzburg, we talk about what we got up to, and our top ten picks for things to do on your visit.

This is the mp3 version.

Direct download: 275_-_Things_to_do_in_Salzburg_Austria.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:10pm EST

Direct download: Episode2027320-20Things20to20do20in20New20Zealand.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Direct download: Episode2027220-20Travel20safety20for20vacations20and20long-term20travel.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Direct download: Episode2027120-20Thoughts20on20travel20in20Austria.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Direct download: Episode2027020-20Travel20Reviews20-20Accommodation20Products20Things20to20do.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Direct download: Episode2026920-20Packing20tips20for20couples20travel.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Direct download: Episode2026820-20Fabulous20Las20Vegas20with20Lenore20Greiner.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am EST